Friday, March 4, 2016


Bonjour !

ok, so here i am, making a sort of 'come back' in the world of blog (LOL) I used to have blog since 2010 with 'mengarut' content. *facepalm* what was i thinking back then ._. so for this semester, i'm required to write a reflective writting after each lab session. which i will be writting it in bahasa rojak~ 

For the first lab, we learned more about the google online marketing challenge (GOMC) which indeed seems challenging. the evolution of web, web1.0, web 2.0, and web3.0. a bit about the use of the social media and the impact on marketing. and ofcourse how to make a blog~ which I ended up deleting all my previous post and accidentally change my used-to-be beautiful blog ._. actually, i have forgotten some of the point i intended to write. moral of the story, jangan tangguh kerja. padan muka . 

see y'all later fellas ~ au revoir ~

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