Thursday, March 17, 2016



for our lab yesterday, we go through some part of the google online marketing challenge (GOMC)'s Digital marketing courses which is free~ woohooo~~ we covered +- about creating a website, which serve as an 'online shop' that is operating 24/7 unlike the physical store. Having website actually allow us to increase our potential customers. A good website must have a domain name that is catchy, easy to remember,and reflect the company/products. And a website must be user friendly, which is not too wordy and have the navigation of the pages (menu) including the home page which usually will be the landing page, the 'about us' section for a brief infos about the company, and the mainnnn thing is the contact infos for the customer to reach us.

Theres a lot more to learn from the DMC since it have 8 packs. Which. Is. A. Lot. But luckily they have the courses in videos ~ especially for the one who pemalas nak baca  dont really have time to read everything . Anyway, lets begin attacking the companies !

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